Video Tutorials

Here is a collection of videos demonstrating different features of the Synthino XM. More coming soon!
This video shows how to install the battery in the Synthino XM and how to power it from USB.
This tutorial shows you how to create a 4-track 16 step sequence using the Synthino XM Groovebox Mode. It demonstrates how to create tracks, clear them, mix the volumes of each track, and also how to save/load your entire sequences to the memory of the Synthino XM. The Groovebox Mode is very powerful!
This video shows how to easily update the firmware on the Synthino XM using a Windows computer. It is best if you install the Atmel Flip tool first before connecting the Synthino XM to the computer with USB. If Windows prompts you for a driver location, navigate to the install location of the Atmel Flip tool. If you get DLL errors, update the driver by opening the Windows Device Manager. Select the ATXmega128A4U device and click the button “Update Driver”. Then navigate to the Flip usb directory: C:\Program File(x86)\Atmel\Flip 3.4.7\usb Details for Mac OS X are in the Synthino XM manual.
Kurt Larson, lead singer of Information Society, has provided this great demo of him laying down some tracks on the Synthino XM using the GrooveBox mode. You can also read his full review of the Synthino XM.
The Synthino XM arpeggiator can create arpeggios from notes played on any MIDI controller. Here I show how chords played on a MIDI guitar can create arpeggios from the individual notes.
Check out this Synthino XM built into a waterproof Seahorse case! Perfect for pool parties, yacht parties, cruise ships…

Audio Demos



Using the Synthino XM arpeggiator to simulate a mandolin. The waveform used is violin with a long envelope release. Arpeggiator speed is very high and MIDI mode used to input the notes with a keyboard.


A very simple sequence being modulated by the pitch LFO and filter LFO to achieve interesting percussive effects.



Demonstration of the Synthino XM noise generator. Different “frequencies” of noise can be generated and played at the same time. Envelope can be applied to noise to make percussion sounds. Filter effects and LFO modulation also can be applied.



A drone created with the new experimental drone firmware (available on Manual page). Two oscillators, each with independent filter, waveform and LFOs. Each oscillator has a pitch, filter, and amp LFO. That’s SIX LFOs in one synthesizer!



Long drone with lots of LFO action.


Production Videos

These videos show how we manufacture the Synthino XM synthesizer with great care and an eye toward quality. We strive for the highest quality of hardware production, right here in the USA. The Synthino XM is built in a garage factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota.