Product Manuals

Synthino XM Manual for firmware version 1.1 – May 2015

Synthino XM Manual for firmware version 1.0 – April 2015


Firmware Downloads

Main Synthino XM firmware:

Synthino XM version 1.1 hex file

Synthino XM version 1.0 hex file

Alternate/Experimental firmware:

Drone version 1.0 hex file — Drone manual

“More Cowbell” hex file — A very special firmware with no waveforms and just 3 samples. Can you guess which instrument the samples are? That’s right, they are all cowbells. Use this firmware if you want to make music, arpeggios, or sequencer tracks made entirely of cowbell sounds. Watch the classic video.


Source Code

The Synthino XM source code is available on GitHub in the Synthino XM project.


Video Tutorials

For a great collection of audio clips and short videos demonstrating Synthino XM features, check out the demos page.




For information on the original Synthino ONE, visit the Synthino ONE page.