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    Not sure if I’m phrasing this question right, so I’ll try to phrase it multiple ways.

    Can the groovebox mode record chords?
    When groovebox mode is recording, should I be able to play multiple notes with my midi controller at the same time?

    The behavior I’m getting is the following. When the sequencer is stopped, or when I’m in “preview” mode, I can play some nice chords with my midi controller. That is, when I play 3 notes at once, all three of them sound. However, when I start recording, it seems like only one note can play/get recorded. Is this a bug, or is this just a limitation of recording mode?


    Each track is monophonic, so the behavior you are hearing is correct. Since the synth can only play a max of 5 notes polyphonically, each of the 4 tracks needs to be monophonic. Think of each track as a 16-step sequencer. To make a chord, you can play each of the notes on different tracks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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