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    Before posting a support question, you may find your answer here:

    I don’t hear any sound.
    Check the volume thumbwheel on the right side. Turn it clockwise (toward you) to increase volume. Check to see that the filter cutoff frequency is not set to zero. Ensure that your MIDI controller is sending on the right channel. If using the groovebox sequencer, make sure the track volume is not set to zero on the current track.

    The sound is faint when using my mobile phone headphones.
    Headsets designed for mobile phones usually have a microphone, and therefore have 4 conductors on the plug instead of 3 (right, left, ground). Some phone headsets will not work with the included 1/4″ audio plug adapter because the ground connection gets connected to the microphone connection. We recommend using normal headphones with the standard 3-conductor audio plug.

    The waveform and envelope controls are not changing the sound I’m playing on my controller.
    The voice select pot controls which voice the controls affect. Turn the voice select pot to choose voice 1-­4 as indicated by the LEDs. Ensure that your MIDI controller is sending on the channel that corresponds to the selected voice.

    The filter LFO does not have much effect.
    The filter LFO modulates around the current cutoff setting. If this is set too high or too low, you will not hear much modulation. Adjust the filter cutoff.

    I can’t seem to set the pots to “zero”. For example, the attack is soft and there is a non-zero release.
    This is caused by a poor connection between the top and bottom circuit boards. Try reconnecting them by removing the 4 bottom screws, bottom acrylic, and 4 long standoffs. Then pull the bottom board off and re-attach it. Reassemble and retest.

    My Synthino XM stopped working. It was working fine but now it won’t power up or acts extremely erratic.
    Occasionally the firmware on the Synthino XM can get corrupted by a low power condition and needs to be reloaded over USB. There are detailed instructions for Windows and Mac in the Synthino XM Support forum. See these articles for the detailed procedure.
    Windows firmware update procedure
    Mac firmware update procedure
    You will be able to revive your Synthino XM with no problem.

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